A large neighborhood with one access road, over a pond spillway. The culvert was close to failing, workspace was limited and something had to be done. Our system can access the pipe with less than 50 square feet at the pipe and 1,200 square feet on the right of way. When completed our structural liner effectively replaces the original host pipe with a 75 year design life and 25 year manufacturer's warranty!

Culvert Rehabilitation

75 Year Design Life & 25 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!
On most culverts.

Rehabilitation is accomplished using a spray applied combination of products:

  • Nukote PP300 is a structural elastomeric hybrid used to achieve the structural requirements to meet VDOT Load Ratings. This base layer is appplied directly to the host pipe creating a new conduit and replacing the host pipe. (TDS | SDS)
  • Nukote STM is a tough elastomeric hybrid that provides good impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. The STM product will be applied on the internal surface to provide longer wear and impact resistance. (TDS | SDS)

Both materials will be applied robotically on round culverts and mannually on arched culverts. Application is monolithic with no layering.

Complete application comes without negitive change to the hydrolics. The loss to the radius is minimal (2.3 inches on a 6 foot pipe) without raising the invert over 2 inches. The Manning's n Value is 0.0095 and Average C Coefficient is 149.

This liner solution is especially good for large arch culverts, due to the lighter application thickness, and for smaller culverts (21"-54") due to the robitic application method.


  • Applied in place (no traffic interruption)
  • Round, Elliptical and Arched Culverts
  • Warrantied for 25 years
  • 75 year design life
  • Turn Key Service available
  • Monolithic elastomeric polyurea - contiguous from start to end
  • Applied with robotics (Round 18” – 136”) providing perfect DFT compliance with specification
  • Larger diameters can be applied manually
  • Potable Water Approved (Fish Friendly!)
  • Installed liners can be engineered for AWWA M28 Class I – IV (nonstructural – fully structural)
  • VA Class-A Contractor #2705164978
  • VA SWAM Certified "Small Business"